Special Sessions

The following special sessions will be presented at ICASSP 2007.

Musical Audio Beat and Rhythm Analysis
Organized by Mark Plumbley, Queen Mary, University of London and Matthew Davies, Queen Mary, University of London

Search and Retrieval of Music Signals
Organized by Dan Ellis, Columbia University and Kunio Kashino, NTT CS Labs.

EEG Signal Processing and Applications
Organized by Deniz Erdogmus, Oregon Health and Science University and Selin Aviyente, Michigan State University

Parallel and Distributed MATLAB Applications in Signal and Image Processing
Organized by Ashok Krishnamurthy, Ohio Supercomputer Center

Distributed Processing in Image Sensor Networks
Organized by Hamid Aghajan, Stanford University

Web Image/Video Search Technologies
Organized by Shih-Fu Chang, Columbia University and Wei-Ying Ma, Microsoft

Signal Processing and Networking for Dynamic Spectrum Access
Organized by Ananthram Swami, U.S. Army Research Laboratory and Qing Zhao, UC Davis

Optimization of Communication Systems
Organized by Daniel Palomar, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology and Mung Chiang, Princeton University

Geometric Optimization for Independent and Principal Component Analysis
Organized by Knut Hueper, National ICT Australia Ltd

Reproducible Signal Processing Research
Organized by Mauro Barni, University of Siena, Patrick Vandewalle, EPFL, Fernando Perez-Gonzalez, University of Vigo and Martin Vetterli, EPFL

Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis
Organized by Alan W Black, Carnegie Mellon University and Keiichi Tokuda, Nagoya Institute of Technology

Integrating Speech Recognition and Machine Translation
Organized by Bhuvana Ramabhadran, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center and Olivier Siohan, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center